Detroit Is Occupying The Hood – How About You Mayor Bing ?

Detroit Is Occupying The Hood – Just Like they’re doing in NYC

@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street from adele pham on Vimeo.

JP Morgan peddles food stamps in 26 states – did you know that ?

Did You Know that there are more people being fed on the streets in NYC at Camp Liberty Occupy Wallstreet;  than are fed by the combined Detroit Food Kitchens funded by Mayor Dave Bing ?

This is what the spirit of People is really about, being together.

Dave Bing, this is your wake up call – Either start doing the right thing or expect to see your personal business posted all over the Internet.

We Don’t Make Threats, Only Announcements - Got It Mayor Bing ?

Remember Kwame ? Well Dave You’re UP and We’re just lining up the stories on your private faux pas; and dirty business deals. People are more interested in hearing about who the person is running The City of Detroit and we’re interested in telling them all about you.  We’re interested in telling everyone all about you – everything we can find out about you. everything..

The Hood MUST  Be both Wall Street and Main Street Right NOW !

Mayor Bing, if you think we’re kidding – go read the saga of Prime Minister Bruce Golding who we also asked to play fair. Remember your predecessor Kwame Kilpatrick ? We asked him to play fair and he also failed to see the point.

The Secret Deals are being revealed – especially this Financial Manager BS that Rick Snyder Wrote for YOU Dave Bing. Karen Dumas seemed to be the mayor and if that’s the case, WHY Dave ?  And why the political gangsterism ?

Dave did you think we wouldn’t find out that you planned to get rid of the City Council and basically become KING of Motown ? Please.. The north end is listening to each and everything you do.  Remember Detroit IS One Big Ear.

How can Dave Bing become so self absorbed that he believes that ONLY HE has the right answers for fixing the city’s problems. Detroit does not need another KING; and you were elected for your management resume.

So Tell Us  Mayor Bing are you trying to destroy the City of Detroit ?

This may be the last nice post you see about Mayor Bing. So if you’re in his posse’ we suggest you pull his coat cause Mamas’ In the bullpen with Detroit Tigers Hero Fister warming up. Because as you know, here in the D we don’t leave witnesses;  only legends.

Dave Bing We’re Occupying Our Hood, How About You Neighbor ?