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Just In Case You Forgot – 300,000 People Were Poisoned This Week in West Virginia

This is what happened according to the news media

How Ironic, Freedom Industries

The water company still knows very little about the spill and the chemical involved.

On Thursday, an estimated 300,000 residents of nine counties in West Virginia were told they could not use or drink their tap water after a chemical used to wash coal of impurities spilled from a holding tank into the Elk River. The spill prompted Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to declare a state of emergency, and 9-1-1 received more than 1,000 calls in the hours after a spill, with four or five people transported to the hospital by ambulance. According to theNational Library of Medicine, repeated or prolonged exposure to the chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, can “cause headaches, irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, and can also cause a skin rash.”

On Friday, West Virginia American Water Co. held a press conference to share what they knew so far about the spill. Unfortunately, they still don’t know much about the spill or the chemical involved.

1. No one knows when water will be safe to drink again. “I can’t ballpark it because I don’t know,” Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water Co. said at the conference. The entire water system will have to be flushed and tested, and though the Elk River was the water source immediately impacted by the spill, McIntyre said that the spill impacts the entire distribution of the water system — sending water to a total of 1,500 miles in the area.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said that he had hoped to find out a timeline for when residents could use their tap water again at the press conference.

“This has been devastating to the public at large and the people that live in our city,” he said. “The folks out there that just work every day and go to work and who are just regular citizens, they would like an end to this.”

2. No one knows when the leak started or how much has leaked into the Elk River. It was complaints of an odor coming from communities near the river that triggered city and county officials to investigate. They found the source of the spill at 4 p.m. Thursday, but had no way of knowing how long the chemical had been leaking. McIntyre also said he didn’t think the chemical was still leaking, but didn’t know the current status of the spill for sure. According to a Department of Environmental Protection spokesman, the state is “confident that no more than 5,000 gallons escaped,” but only knows that “a certain amount of that got into the river. Some of that was contained.”

3. The water company has had no contact with Freedom Industries, the company that manufactures the spilled chemical. According to McIntyre, the company provided no notice of the spill and hasn’t been in communication with the water company since.

4. There is no standard process for testing the toxicity of the spilled chemical in water. When the water company found out about the spill, it was originally told it was a different chemical than the 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol that had spilled into the water. But even when the company found out what the chemical was, it couldn’t answer many questions about it. “This not a chemical that’s typical to be in water treatment process,” McIntyre said during the press conference.

5. It’s unclear just how dangerous the diluted chemical is to drink or breathe.According to McIntyre, toxicologists have said that people would have to eat a large amount of the chemical to cause harm, but still, McIntyre said he didn’t know how the chemical had affected the safety of the water. “We don’t know that the water’s not safe, but I can’t say it is safe.” However, Kanawha County Deputy Emergency Services Director C.W. Sigman said during the press conference that the chemical is hazardous, which lines up with the National Library of Medicine information on the chemical.

6. The chemical may have leached into the soil. McIntyre said that when the containment in the chemical holding tank failed, the chemical traveled over land and into the Elk River. That could have caused some leaching, he said.


We all think that this is a lot to think about in the middle of a crisis of this magnitude.  That means someone already has a plan of action and we bet it’s FEMA.

This explains what they want you to think about what they’ve done; NOT What They NEED TO DO

We’d Like to remind some of our friends about history as a functionary to existence.

Not Very Nice – but remember, This Is Actual History

1. In Haiti the French requested to have a meeting with Toussaint L’Ouverture. At the meeting he was arrested and then exiled to France where he died in prison.

2. In Nigeria a British officer requested to have a meeting with King Jaja. Upon arriving at the meeting Jaja was arrested and later deported to the West Indies.

3. In Sierra Leone the British attacked Bai Bureh. By Bai Bureh’s own account he was on peaceful terms with the British and didn’t even realize he was at war with them until he got word that the British had killed some of his people and were planning to kill him. The British later made it appear as though Bai Bureh started the war when they imposed taxes on him—by Bai Bureh’s own account no one asked him to pay taxes, yet if you go on Wikipedia right now they will give you the colonialists side of what happened.

4.The Wuchale Treaty signed between Ethiopia and Italy had two separate versions, one in Italian and the other in Amharic. Menelik was unaware of this as he did not speak Italian or have an translators who did. After this incident, Menelik took very extra precautions when making treaties with Europeans.

European diplomacy

VIA Pan-Afrikan Education

In this instance, we find the words of James Baldwin a final sweet wrap to this madness of political control.

“Any real change implies the breakup of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave one an identity, the end of safety. And at such a moment, unable to see and not daring to imagine what the future will now bring forth, one clings to what one knew, or dreamed that one possessed. Yet, it is only when a man is able, without bitterness or self-pity, to surrender a dream he has long possessed that he is set free – he has set himself free – for higher dreams, for greater privileges.”
James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

Remember This,