Brazil is Lynching it’s place into history – One Lamp post at a time

This is something that everyone should be watching, since the treatment of African Brazilians has reached this level. The world seems indifferent to the suffering of Black People globally – but this is something that is verbose and vehement.

Racism always camouflages itself as ‘justice’ to act.” Mock-up by Paul Henry Jr.

A 15-year-old was found beaten and chained to a lamp post, the shocking work of a vigilante gang. Even more shocking? When a TV anchor said the crime was “understandable”.

Brazil’s Racism Problem Front and Center After Black Teen’s Brutal Beating

This is the report translated from Portuguese – from our friends at Global Voices Online

A 15-year-old black teenager was found sitting on the ground at Botafogo beach in a central area of ​​Rio de Janeiro completely naked and with a bicycle lock around his neck chaining him to a lamppost on February 1, 2014.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case, as attacks by groups of “vigilantes” have become somewhat common in Rio de Janeiro.

Activist Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, who discovered the minor, wrote on her Facebook profile that she was preparing to sleep when a friend who was driving by on Rui Barbosa Avenue called her to say he “saw a young boy bruised, naked and tied to a pole by a bicycle lock. He was beaten by a gang of bikers that often steals on my street.”

She called the firefighters to release him and he was then taken to the hospital. She, in turn, began receiving threats.

In a statement to police, the young man said he had been chased by a group of about 30 men on motorcycles armed with at least one pistol while walking with three friends (two escaped) to take a swim in the sea. He was then beaten, stripped naked and chained to the pole. The 15-year-old has been on the streets of Rio for at least two years since he was caught stealing an electric drill from a family neighbor and being forced to leave his home.

Police believe those responsible for the attack are the “Flamengo vigilantes”, who attack and torture whomever they consider to look suspicious; they are also accused of assaulting gays. About 15 suspected members of the group were arrested by the police.

Cartum de Carlos Latuff, uso livre.

“Any odlCartoon by Carlos Latuff. Free to use

Journalist Rosiane Rodrigues, writing for Afropress, criticized Bezerra de Mello’s for taking a photo of the victim and posting it on Facebook rather than just calling the fire department and an ambulance. In her opinion:

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Clearly it’s unconscionable that a human being would be treated this way – and then when discovered in this condition; instead of helping this young man the journalist takes a photo and posts it to her face-book BEFORE she called emergency services to rescue the victim.

White People you really need to understand right from wrong. Clearly This Is Wrong from all angles.

the history of racism in Brazil is long and torturous.  When watching videos recently on the history of slavery we ran across a video which shows you what today’s Brazilian Black youth are experiencing in advance of the Brazilian Games in 2016.

Take a look at Brazils’ Racism in depth :

Racism in Brazil

Those who think that the world is changing, only need look at Brazil to see how much they are wrong. White Racism is alive and thriving all over the world. Unfortunately it seems to be evolving as well.  This wave of hatred is something that needs to be documented when captured.  If it is not, the world will soon deny it ever existed.

Remember with Emotion; and Fight For Your Lives