Barbies, Butt Pads and Nasty Girls – what does this have to do with Music ?

When you’re not interested in something you literally have to be drug to see it, in most cases. this is the case for me and this Nikki Minaj video with Sean Garrett. when I heard the line “We got tom toms over here bigger than a Monster“.

What ?

The first reason we wanted to see this video, was to see this Pink Lambo that she has to pay to fix – 15 g’s.

Yepper, she rented it to do a video, climbed in and she and Amber Rose  rode off into the dessert. she apparently wasn’t told that you don’t drive a rented Lambo on rocks unless you pay for the repairs; and you return it ontime or pay overdue charges.  Anyway, you can see Amber pushin the Lambo at the 1:40 mark and Nikki siting there with her legs stickin out the window. like any of this is ever gonna happen in real life. (side-eye) for some reason this resembles a barbie corvette porn remake.

Then we have the shape shifting drama. Butt Pads and Blow Up Boobs ?

Co’mon Nikki – Amber at least got shots; and since you got a boobjob why not get a buttjob too so folks can stop talking about Yo Ass, Literally.

We’ve started wondering if anything about her is real ?

Then we read about her having this feud with Lil Kim. What ? Now Why Would she Be Beefin with Queen Bee ?  Apparently it has to do with who’s swag is the stankiest. knowing that this is a big dividing point in east coast rap dramas; we can see that the stars are lined up behind their favs. newbies with Nikki and Old heads with Kim. Diddy is the lone fence rider; like always – wishing for a menage a trois with these lil rap romper stompers. no doubt he’s wishing to get a lil AmberRose sprinkled on-top. (wink*wink) that’s Diddy for ya, always the top of the heap.

Next we hear that Nikki’s got a Sex Tape out which is selling for $100g’s ? co’mon, what is this ? please people stop falling for the dirty and start demanding that these so called artists produce product worthy of this much drama, Damn.

Pink Hair, Sex Tapes; and Butt Pads ? is this what Rap has been reduced to ?

I remember when East Coast was about This –

Yo-Yo, MC Lyte, Naughty By Nature, A Tribe Called Quest, Fu-Schnickens,
CL Smooth, Guru, Das Efx, Wu-tang clan, KRS-One – ALL In One VID, YES

Notice Guru at 3:10 mark and Das EFX at 3:30 Mark; HOT then ODB and WU at 3:50 WOW

Yes It’s Classic and It’s certainly not lightweight, Notice the Love and the Closeness of the artists. nobody getting hyped about anybody else being close to them or being on the stage. This is what it’s about, really – Not Butt Pads and Tom Toms Big as Monsters.

Please Don’t Forget About REAL Music, EVER

And Then we have the original Nasty Girl Herself, Ms Jackson

ooooooo Ms. Jackson are you Padded Up or What Baby ?

there is so much talk going on in the entertainment world today about wardrobe that we’ve decided to continue it today with the latest fashion question mark.

Is Ms. Jackson Wearing Butt Pads ?

First off why aren’t we focusing on her new look ? or her 34 number one hits ? or her new man ? well because those butt pads are just too big too ignore. it started apparently on the Oprah show when she showed off her new look and the photogs got a peek at the pads. hmmmm ?

this is from our girls over at

Those are definantly not regular cheek shapes. these are pics from AI. uhh uhhhhh, oh no. then she went on Jay Leno to premier her brand new hit. This is from American Idol;  the video shows us more strange square shapes eminating from her behind area. stop the video at the :50 mark and then look at her, let it play a few more secs and look at the strange shapes.

Then she changes into her catsuit in a voyuristic strip behind a white screen which shakes up the audience to fury level before she hits the floor as the familiar Nasty Girl.
Ms. Jackson is definantly not in need of any extra padding anywhere. she’s luscious as men say. the curves on her soon to be 50year old body are dangerous and she’s rocking them loubatins like jay-lo wishes she could. (side-eye)
The dance is so classy yet nasty. wow – Janet, you are rocking it like a 20 year old. I wonder is this what you get when you get a brand spanking new set of butt pads ?
Sheesh, I betta rush right out and get myself a beyonce sized pair. like I really need anymore padding anywhere. according to dh, I’m already “luscious” enough.
actually I think he’s using that word in the edible form (side-eye) and not the sexy form.
I know you’re all wondering when Amber Rose is going to pop up in all this booty business. well just keep watching because she’s definantly in our headlights in the next few days.

Ciao for Now,

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