America Exports Hatred – Wonder Why ?

America has a problem with it’s Social Exports – especially Black Face. Today we’ll take a quick look at a particular facet of that issue. Black Face and how it effects the Gen X’ers. Many of them were never exposed to the civil rights movement and know little about the historical representations of racism in image. This has apparently hit a nerve within their generation and they are finally speaking up.

Take a moment and look at this short piece by two young students – who explore Black Face as a social movement within their generation.

Because we know that Africans tribes are all over Asia; we wanted you to know. We have relatives from the Philipines who are Africans; as well as our relatives from other parts of the globe. We knowthat kung fu movies had Asians making fun of anyone who they perceive to be lesser than themselves. However this is all about life in Asia as a Black Person – facing just as much racism as you would in N. America.

some of you might remember this lady who is Black and Chinese – Lou Jing. She who is both beautiful and talented; and has been through the race wringer; Because She Is Black and Chinese.

Lou finally arrived in America to the same questions she faced in China; From White People. Almost Immediately they were asking her about Prejudice. She certainly doesn’t know how to answer this question because her family is still in China.

Duhhhhhh.. WSP, Do You Ever Get a Damn Clue ?

Lou continues to say She Loves China which is of course scripted. She knows what she has to do to stay on the right side of the Chinese Government. Hopefully she got an appointment with a great stylist who gave her some tips on styling her hair and hairpieces; and gave her a rockin style while she visited the US.

No doubt she’s got a lot of questions since she’s apparently not spent any considerable amount of time around Black People. We sincerely hope that during this trip she finally got to meet her father or found out something about that side of her family. Up to this point she’s never met him, since she was born after he departed. Lou Is in no way the normal Black Person from Asia. She is a Celebrity so she would have received a higher standard of living, from her success. This is evidenced by her appearance on American Idol.

Lou Jing is a very talented singer and she will be appearing on television throughout China. This is why we think that her career development could certainly get a boost from her visit to LA. Hopefully she’ll see the workings of a great career, leading her to global fame and fortune. Lou is our Positive Representation of being Born Black and Asian. now we move on to something more distasteful.

Earlier today one of our Tumblrs hit this in the head today with a real meat and potatoes post. Dig This -

This is just a personal observation but for some fucked up reason, Asian countries sure love blackface.




But Asians are doing it for different reasons than whites, whites created black face out of hate and to inflict PAIN onto Black Americans, as whites created yellow face to insult Asians, both are examples of hate. Are Asians doing it for that reason?

Yeah Asians are doing blackface because they think it’s funny. We should totes let them off the hook for doing something extremely hateful, ignorant and anti-Black because intent is everything to you apologists.

If you don’t see why blackface is problematic regardless of who does it, you need to fuck off right now.

they don’t even really have black people in asia
they don’t even really have black people in asia
they don’t even really have black people in asia
what the fuck is wrong with them

(end of clipping)

One of the things we want to remind everyone is that China is a manufacturing nation and attracts traders from all over the globe. Africans who travel to China say that China treats them like Animals. Many in Guangzhou are racially profiling and discriminating actively against the Africans who come there to trade.

This is from a news report and it talks about the Racism

The anger of the youth brings issues to light that open long forgotten conversations on race. This is one of those over due chats. We hope that our week of enlightenment will give you a few thoughts on whats’ really going on inside peoples heads – right here in America.

In case anyone didn’t know – South Africa classified Chinese as Black – YES

With the trade imbalance and China owning a record amount of American debt we’ve seen commercials making fun of Americas’ economy and debt. That should be enough of a warning to all those who claim to be interested in having real conversations about the Chinese American relations issues. Lets just remind those in Congress who are holding up the budget today that this is what they are breeding. Hatred and Resentment toward anyone perceived as lesser than. This needs to stop.

in case anyone doubts the real origin of Chinese DNA – Watch This

White male superiority instills this character flaw, from all reliable information. We hope that by talking about it, some of this might finally come to the table for some real discussion. The folks who are holding up the Budget Fix are holding stock in this inequality. They need to see their work and be responsible for it’s output. Americans should demand that Racism as a generality be Discussed at any instance.

Regardless of where it happens, it’s time it stops everywhere. Asia is no different, because it imported it’s White male superiority issues. Black people from anywhere on the globe face the same discrimination and racial profiling because of this. How can China send it’s workers and traders to Africa and not expect Africans to return to trade ?  Impossible

Only the White male patriarcial state of mind would place itself into such a position of elevation about anyone else.  This is from what we hear not typically an Asian social value; which leads us to understand that this is clearly a sidebar product of the importation of White male values.

We need to remember that even today companies like Citi-corp has the nerve to say in their commercials that they were building america two hundred years ago.  And if you do simple math that would mean 1812. Yeah, smack in the middle of slavery.

Why is Citibank proud of this ?  maybe it’s the same reason 19 white men are holding America hostage for the Chinese..

Isn’t it time to get over this White Mans God Complex and live in a world where the multicolored people are all the same ?  

America you really need to learn to mind your manners and stop exporting your haterd and tom fuckery all over the globe.  Most especially to the people who hold the debt of your fuckery.  China could give less than any fucks if Americas’ economy tanks because they will continue to mock you in Blackface until this rednecking of the economy ends.

Take a look at this pic and notice that Boehner is Darker Than Obama; and he’s from Ohio. How can that Be if he has No African Blood ? not all of this is spray on because if you take a look at the Nose and he Lips he is in possession of some Africoid dna. He can deny it but it’s right there on his face. We think this may really be beneath his deep seated hatred for the President; which is crushing the country.

White Men need to learn to stop crying about loosing their WSP; and Do The Right Thing for Everyone

Heck, Even Mittens knows a deal,  because he was recently seen shopping at Costco – just like VP Biden. So clearly some White men know the value of their investment.

Mr Boehner stop being a progress blocker and get the deal done before Christmas.  Or this year you may find a Chinese Firetruck complete with Lead Paint; in your stocking.

Remember Only You Can Be Real about How You REALLY Feel,