America don’t you ever think you are not being watched too boo















Good morning Afro. I see you. #afro #morning

Where is it? Where is your “afro”?

All I see is stringy white girl hair.

You need a brush and some prayer.

Stahp!!!! Hehe

That is not an afro.

*dying* at “You need a brush and some prayer”

Someone tell these niggers to be thankful that my people brought you to America. Be grateful bitches (:



Calls her hair an afro then calls us niggers.
Not that we doubted you were a racist or anything.

this frump face cottage cheese bitch, who is serving up nothing up but dead fish realness, got nerve to wanna call us niggers, meanwhile that soggy roadkill she calls hair is lookin all sorts of rusted and busted. Got nerve to wanna tell us to be thankful for being brought to america, yet her hair up here lookin like it’s refusing citizenship, have a reclined seat to hell bitch.

No this ugly dumb bitch didn’t!!!

Should we also be grateful that your people are the number one serial killers in this country? Or be grateful that your people continuously abuse other people’s rights? Or should we be grateful for your people’s entitlement issues? Be grateful for the fact that you can sit here and call people niggers, because your people have issues when others try to call you out on things that are offensive? Or maybe it is YOU who should be grateful that you met some “nice” niggers today, that aren’t the kind to come at you when they see you in the streets. Because you keep on with this nonsense and you’ll mess with the wrong one.



That brush fire on that ugly bitch’s head got snatched so fast, tho.

(end of clipping)

Oh Yes, Alllllllllllll of this drama went on because a totally insensitive girl put her burning ass on front street on Tumblr today – of all days.

The day the world fried died and laid ms Paula Deen to the side; for her Niggerism

White folks just take this simple news and keep it on instant access - Black folks do not want you to refer to them with the word Nigga, Nigger or even Soul Brother.  We’ve had it with your insensitivity and insecure promises about dealing with your racial prejudice issues.

The funny thing is that most White folks refuse to acknowledge a few very sinister facts :

  • Most Serial Killers are White Males = ie Ted Bundy, The Boston Bomber Brothers; Charles Manson; Jim Jones; Jeffrey Dalmer;
  • Most Cases of mass populational Slavery or Involuntary Servitude were begun and run by White folks. Think King Leopold and his Rape of the Congo. Think the African Slave Trade and MAAFA and the Dutch West India Co. Think Queen Isabella; Think King George, The British Crown and The Vatican Bank.
  • Most War on this planet is Started, Maintained; and Financed for the aims of White folks.  Iraq, and Syria are good examples. Look into the relationship with the merchant bankers and the heads of all major Western and Euro military and para military forces.  Oil, or other natural resource are usually the chief reward they are seeking.  They make no qualms about letting their intentions be clear; as they did in Japan in WW2.

These are just a few things to think about since you’ve seen the face of the new American racist above.

America don’t you ever think you are not being watched, too.