We Yelp The World

Yes it’s true – we’re big fans of eating out and eating well too. We shop at great stores, and use some great businesses. But how do we find these great places ?

Yelp of course..

Just last nite we went out and got a fabu new hdtv, after checking the reviews for the store on Yelp. We knew we had a great price but we wanted to be sure they’d stand behind the service and product after the sale. so what did we do to question that committment ? we went to our independent reviewers – Yelp.

Yes Yelp even reviews Stores, and Furniture/Appliance Dealers. they tell you if the sale will be a bonus or a bust; and the reviewers are everyday people just like Me and You – telling you about their personal experience.

There’s no compensation or special perks. just the enjoyment of sharing your experience with others; who will depend on your honesty to help them make a decision.

Many of you may have read some of our restaurant and businessplace reviews. in case you’ve missed them we decided to incorporate them into our blog database to keep you abreast of our latest finds.

You Too Can YELP, Just Like We Do – Just Click the Yelp Badge to be magically transported to YELP. Sign Up and Start Reviewing. it’s just that simple. And Yes there are rewards when you Yelp. just let us show you one of them.

we recently did an interview at a restaurant counter when picking up some food. it was a spontaneous happening and the restaurant owner mentioned that she has lots of folks commenting on her service on YELP. Welllll,, how’s that for instant recognition. we didn’t say YELP – She Did and it got us recognized.

We Love Yelp and We’re Sure You Will Too