These BadGals


Just Who are these BadGals ?

A Little About

BadGalsRadio is a heritage radio station station which broadcasts Reggae, Foundation Reggae, Foundation Dancehall, Worldbeat and Classics.  our primary focus is on the Caribbean Diaspora and it’s entertainment flavor.  We began broadcasting as a streaming radio station in January 1999 to a primarily Caribbean audience, out of the United States. our growth was tremendous and within months we were moving to our own streaming servers, where we’ve been ever since.

In 2006 relocated it’s studios and streaming servers to the United Kingdom; to better accomplish our goal of bringing Reggae To The World. In 2008 the US RIAA began to disassemble the US Streaming Radio Industry. BadGals had avoided the market shock by moving two years ahead of the ruling.  This meant that our fans and supporters never missed a single beat.

  • BadGalsRadio is listened to by more than 213 Countries Globally
  • BadGalsRadio has more than Four Terrabytes of Music in it’s Library of Classics
  • BadGalsRadio has focused on More Caribbean News than any other streaming radio station globally and has been recognized by fans monthly as the leader in Caribbean Radio with more than 1.5 million listeners Monthly in our Advertising Free Format.
  • BadGalsRadio continues to cover news from the Caribbean that is ignored by all other news services, until long after BadGalsRadio has exposed it to the world – such as Tivoli Stories; and The Black Man Film Festival;
  • BadGalsRadio presented “The Presidential Super Delegate Teach-IN” in 2006-2008  the most visited voter education site ever.
  • BadGalsRadio has been recognized by many large online publications as a prized niche news gathering and reporting organization for it’s excellence in Caribbean and World News Coverage – CNN, Huffington News, World Vision have all linked to BadGalsRadio.
  • BadGalsRadio does not accept paid advertising from any sources in order to keep our focus on our fans and not the dollar.
  • BadGalsRadio Produces both The RawRootsPodcast and TheSUSS. Both enjoy growing subscriber fan bases and large listener following globally.

We can show you better than we can tell you..