15 year old Hoes – DAMN Jamaica, Stop Pimpin Your Future

Jamaica is apparently in the thro’s of a youth movement on the stroll.. can you imagine seasoned vets saying it seems like they’re working the stroll with their kids ? wow.. this is some hot pimpin right here. btw these videos are from 2009 so you know it’s been happening for a while.  apparently when it started happening in the dancehall, people didn’ t notice it as much. but when it moved onto the streets 7 nites a week, it became a problem.

what makes no sense is why isn’t it a problem when they are doing it in the dancehall ?

Where’s Dexter .. okay for those who don’t remember who Dexter is – it’s a character that Eddie Murphy invented early in his career that supposedly does special tricks for visiting women; found alone on the beach and lonely.

Last we heard, male prostitutes were the top order in Jamaica; but this totally puts a whole different spin on things in local areas like the sunshine city.  No-doubt pedophiles from all over the globe will soon be flocking to the sunny beaches of Jamrock to get their rocks off.

This is from PassaPassa which is in the same area – notice the girls,  and them notice the white dude’s wet pants in the front. you just didn’t see him hand her any money cause that happens later.. after the dance.  by the way this is called Rub it in. it’s a version of Daggering, which we abhor. it’s totally just as you can see for yourself dry sex. or in this case, somewhat clothed sex.

check this from the Jamaica Star

15-Y-O HOOKERS FLOOD STREET – Cops worry about trend

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer 10/01/10

The police are concerned about teens as young as 15 years old, in some cases, peddling sex on the popular Portmore Back Road on weekends and public holidays.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the police have observed an increase in the number of young prostitutes taking over the Back Road. “What we have realised is that during the holidays and on the weekends, the youngsters are out,” a police sergeant said.

The trend is not only a concern for the cops, but also for the more ‘senior’ prostitutes.

“Dads, I have been on the streets for about 10 years but mi soon stop as a pure lickle 15 and 16 year-old mi a si roun here,” said a seasoned hooker. “It feel like mi and mi children a work same place.”

The teenage prostitutes who are said to be out in droves on weekends and on public holidays are reportedly controlled by pimps who escort them to the location which is dubbed an unofficial ‘red light’ district. The girls also have to report to the pimps and share the proceeds of their ‘transactions’.

“The little pickney dem, although some dress like adults, come roun’ here and big man drop them off and the business affi share,” one business operator confided.

target the buyers

The trend is so troubling to some persons that they believe that the police should target the buyers as they too are out looking for young girls. “While the police have locked up some of these girls, there needs to be more covert operations,” Euphema Dalhouse, a resident of Portmore, said.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the Back Road recently, several teenage girls who were dressed scantily could be seen peddling flesh. They left very little to the imagination.

They were open in their actions, often trying to solicit clients with the question “you a do business?” They all, however, refused to speak.

Meanwhile, the police said a street crime unit has been set up in the St Catherine South division. Its function is to tackle prostitution and other income-earning crimes.

All we can say is Damn Bruce, can’t you keep kids in school instead of on the Stroll ? None of this is good for Jamaica. it looks bad in the press, and it’s bad for the girls who are engaging in this instead of going to school to get an education; so they don’t have to be hookers.

Co’mon Jamaica – Stop Pimpin Your Future, Please