MLK Blog Carnival 09′

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was an icon of Peace. He Was the Catalyst for the change of a time. his politics were peace, plain and simple. he believed in trading swords for plowshares, and peace was his weapon.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee, overwhelming selected Dr. King because of his stand on the war in Vietnam; and America’s Racial Inequities.

Welcome to the 09′ MLK Remember The Dream Blog Carnival

“..I’ve seen the Promised Land and I may not get there with you, but Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord..”

a Video of Dr King Making His Final Speech – Memphis April 3rd, 1968

This is President Elect Barack Obama – speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church; Dr Kings Church

WE Present this special Blog Carnival Today, because it’s historical signifigance is magnified with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

This is our Demonstration that The Dream is Still Alive, and Martin Is Still At Work, here in each blog and everyword you read today.

Please take the time to read each blog

So that You can enjoy the honors heaped on Martin, and to recycle the Joy and Peace into Your Life. What the World Needs Now is Alot of Peace, with our “King-sized Change“.

Remember The Dream, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

~RE Ausetkmt Ph.D
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Welcome to the January 15, 2009 edition of -09′ Remember The Dream Blog Carnival – Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Civil Rights

John Tedder presents » The Ignorant Little Man – Tedder’s Random Notes posted at Tedder’s Random Notes, saying, “Thomas Paine was among the first in America to advocate for the abolition of slavery. He too would have been deeply offended by the words of the ignorant little man.”

Aahz presents What Would Martin Luther King Say Today? posted at Philaahzophy, saying, “Chant along with me: “Ho ho, hey hey, What would King, say today?”"

Jon presents MLK’s I have a Dream Speech in Washington, DC posted at b5media, saying, “You can stand at the exact location where Dr. King delivered his famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, as the granite step has been chiseled with the details. Here’s some information about the speech and the Lincoln Memorial.”


Recycled Frockery Green Blog presents Today We Are The Dream ? – Happy Martin Luther Kings Birthday posted at recycledfrockery, saying, “Recycle Change – Remember The Dream. Happy MLK Day 09′”

C.G. Salgado presents I HAD A DREAM….WILL IT STAY FAIR FOREVER? posted at UP TO THE MINUTE, with C.G. Salgado!!!.


David Alexander presents Martin Luther King and Environmental Justice posted at, saying, “The last few years of MLK’s life were focused on expanding rights to all aspects of life for his constituents as well as all downtrodden people.”

Buzzing J presents There and Now posted at Piece of Brick for Piece of Jade, saying, “What was then a dream …”


RE Ausetkmt presents Happy 80th Earthborn Strong Dr King – We Remember Your Dream posted at Today At BadGalsRadio, saying, “Dr Martin Luther King was a Hero to generations. now he is a teaching tool for peace. remembering his dream will strengthen the resolve to see it through.
human rights are civil rights ! Peace and Equality For One and All
Mama ASID – Features Editor – Today At BadGalsRadio”


Nicole from Inspire Political Discourse presents Thoughts About Racism in America on Martin Luther King Day 2009 posted at Inspire Political Discourse.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of remember the dream – happy martin luther using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Martin Luther King Blog Carnival

Welcome to the First Martin Luther King Jr. Blog Carnival

We at BadGalsRadio take our contributions to history seriously. we want you to realize how important each event is, that shapes us as a people.  This blog has had the pleasure of experiencing some historic moments; and we’d like to recognize the possibility that from All Blogs, The Dream Can Live On.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior was  A Nobel Prize Winner; A Peacemaker and A Man Who Dreamed that One Day America Would Be One Nation.

The critria for submission is simple, Remember Dr Martin Luther Kings’ Contributions to America’s Struggle for Civil Rights.

Blog about your feelings on His Dream; The Realities You See that Arose From His Dream; and Most Importantly – Where You See His Dream Taking You.

Deadline for Submissions is January 14th, 2009 at 10:30pm et.

The Carnival will be posted on January 15th, 2009 in Honor of His Dream. it will remain a permanent fixture of BadGalsRadio; with wide Syndication on internet.  we will also be submitting it for inclusion in the Archives of the MLK Center for Peace in ATL. as well as the MLK Wikipedia.

Please Feel Free to Circulate This Carnival to Your Friends, Blog Buddies, and even your Internet Groups. We would like to build an annual blog celebration that will give us all Pride, In Our Dream

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